On Differences of Opinion

Flash mobs of stupid conservative bigots are monopolizing our headspace OCCASIONALLY, DEAR READER, I AM FORCED to come up with a statement of principles. This usually happens when I’ve been online, getting exasperated by and attempting to respond to the comments of conservatives who are all in a panic about some class of people theyContinue reading “On Differences of Opinion”

A Case of Dementia in Squirrels

lost: a few nuts randomly buried under the Statue of Fuckery WHATEVER YOU POST IN AN INTERNET FORUM, no matter how bat-shit insane or obviously fueled by malice, becomes instantly and indisputably true, provided you make your case with the absolute conviction of a Supreme Court justice and the fire and brimstone of a born-againContinue reading “A Case of Dementia in Squirrels”

“Asteroids and genetic engineering are a more serious threat than climate change” ?

is climate change just “a wedge issue”? My dialogue with a climate-change denier in sheep’s clothing continues.   On Friday, November 23rd, 2018 the U.S. federal government published the National Climate Assessment, which is endorsed by NASA, NOAA, the Department of Defense, and 10 other federal scientific agencies not normally viewed as tasked with frivolously stirringContinue reading ““Asteroids and genetic engineering are a more serious threat than climate change” ?”

Global warming: Real but “not existential?” Seriously?

Even worse than the deniers? “Experts” who downplay the crisis. Dear Scientific Expert: you have scientific cred like nobody’s business, yet you get all rolly-eyed on climate change. That’s what I don’t get. As far as I understand, and I understand maybe slightly more than the average bear, there is near complete consensus in theContinue reading “Global warming: Real but “not existential?” Seriously?”