Break My Heart, Please

Two singers and their landscape of hurt and healing Lianne La Havas: Bittersweet It’s time for me to rave about Lianne La Havas again. Do you know this London-based singer-songwriter with the dusky voice and the wide-gauge vibrato you could drive a dream-laden, funkadelic truck through? Well, you should. I can’t think of anything recentlyContinue reading “Break My Heart, Please”

Christmas on Victoria Day!

PLUS: Sex is now illegal, or at least in very, very bad taste. I hereby declare today Christmas on Victoria Day. I even have a slogan: “Victoria: The OTHER old, Canadian queen®.” It’s my truth. You are not the one who gets to negate that. I may be losing it. Or I may be aContinue reading “Christmas on Victoria Day!”

Facebook Life Event # 738: Did Totally The Same Kinds of Things I’ve Done Before.

Today, I did totally the same kinds of things I’ve done before. Whoah, deep breaths! This one’s gonna be a game-changer! I started my day with coffee and a cigarette. As you can imagine, I was so pumped, coffee was sloshing in my cup like I was Kate Winslet in the final CGI-generated moments ofContinue reading “Facebook Life Event # 738: Did Totally The Same Kinds of Things I’ve Done Before.”

Ten Weird Things I Do

(I could have said “adorable things,” but then would you have clicked? There you go. Also, in case you’re visiting from Elon Musk’s new condo development on Callisto — Ganymede is SO last year — and haven’t noticed, attention spans have shrunk like boiled wool, and I figured that one syllable was the limit. HowContinue reading “Ten Weird Things I Do”


When Conservatives Speak, The World Shakes Its Head Every so often I like to turn the attention away from my game-changing opinions about important world events, written by me, and posted by me, on this blog; give everyone some time off from the exhausting and self-esteem-shattering grind of admitting how much better our society, ourContinue reading “However-gate!”

“…Gagged and Bound and Flogged with Chords of Joy…” *

Beethoven’s belated 250th birthday celebrations In the disco Sometime during the gogo-booted, bell-bottomed, maxi-dressed, mirror-balled, shag-carpeted, non-manscaped harvest-gold wasteland that was the seventies, someone took the first few bars of Beethoven’s fifth symphony, set them to a disco beat and called it “A Fifth of Beethoven.” A fifth. A mickey. Something to slip into yourContinue reading ““…Gagged and Bound and Flogged with Chords of Joy…” *”

Famous, for all the wrong reasons

Doug Ford and the Conservative Party have revealed their utter contempt for public safety, for Canada’s healthcare system, for science. Today was a very sad day for Ontario. Reuters News Agency headlined the fact that our Intensive Care Units are at breaking point, and that, as warned by 130 or so ICU physicians, we willContinue reading “Famous, for all the wrong reasons”

Apps in Development

plus #MondayManCrush: The Risen Christ is really just like you and me, except really more like the Royal Family. Now that I’ve opened my store, it occurred to me that developing a few apps might be in order. The only thing that makes me hesitate slightly is my complete lack of any kind of trainingContinue reading “Apps in Development”

Morning Prayer

don’t worry about my soul, just give me back my stylus Hail MinervaFull of GraceGoddess of Disappointment,Petty Theft andFlaked Tuna in Broth It’s Dave.Remember me?Eighth floor? From the depths of my Shame and squalorLargely self-induced, but whatever,I cry to thee. Restore thou to meWhat I have lostGenerally, my innocence, butSpecifically, my smartphone,Which I may haveContinue reading “Morning Prayer”

Monthly Mayhem: A Dyspeptic Digest

where the irrelevant and the opinionated slap the unbelievable upside the head and make it cry It’s a month of Good Things in The People’s Republic of Pandemia, which is, like Toronto, a soulless state of mind you can’t escape. Our crazed boredom makes us seek out what we previously might have ignored as trivialContinue reading “Monthly Mayhem: A Dyspeptic Digest”