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book launch: june, 2023

“Sorry Looking for NOW LOL”

“Jesus loves you; Christians are just after your retirement savings.”

Well, slice us to ribbons under the Queen streetcar, if it isn’t David Roddis, éminence grise of, freshly pandemicked, all caffeine’d up and ready to dissect the world at large with his scalpel of finely-wrought prose. And then some!

Is Justin T really devil’s spawn? Who’s Laurel to Greta Thunberg’s Hardy on earthship Titanic? What are the skipping rhymes of the new generation of cynical chimney sweeps? And what would William Blake give us as the Proverbs of Hell, c. 2023?

David’s wittiest, quirkiest, most thought-provoking collection since… you know.

The last one.

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“A Slow, Painful Death would be too good for you (and other observations)”

Discover the wacky wit and wisdom of my first collection!

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