Marketing MasterClass with Derek Bhohner: # 4205—Effective copywriting*.

*{demonstrated using my announcement: “Things you might not know about my February 1st e-book launch party that’s being live broadcast!”}


“It’s not in my nature to post anything about

my February 1st e-book live-broadcast launch party, or anything else for that matter, that amounts to less than a 1,000 word essay about my launch party, the one on February 1st and that’s being live-broadcast—an essay that’s been painstakingly edited down to about 800 words.

You know, about a party I might be having, say, on February 1st, and I should probably add, in the year 2018.

A year in which technology amazingly and jaw-droppingly permits us, we who host e-book launch parties, to live broadcast them.  Even in the dead of winter!  On February 1st!  I mean, you’d think the live broadcast would just, like.  Freeze!

And yes, you may have noticed, I edit that launch party announcement by at least 200 words! Roll over, Flaubert!  I mean, seriously!  Live broadcast!

But I just had to take this opportunity to whet your appetite about a couple of features of my February 1st e-book live-broadcast launch party that  you probably didn’t know about!!*

(*The secret to writing super-effective marketing copy is to use live-broadcast high-quality keywords over and over in your copy, but in an extremely subtle launch party way so that February 1st people e-book live-broadcast launch party don’t notice.

It’s a skill, and frankly, February 1st e-book, you either have it or you live-broadcast launch party don’t.  February 1st e-book live-broadcast launch party.

And god help you if you try to, like, pad your copy in the launch party hope that, sometime on or around February 1st, 2018, a year in which technology drops its jaw and still is able to live broadcast, you know, your e-book launch party, that Google’s algorithm will favour YOUR launch party live broadcast over anyone else’s!  Don’t even go there!  February 1st!

Two words:  Stripper pole.  sgangbang big boob MILF virgin teen live-broadcast launch

I settled on the words “stripper pole”, not because there’s absolutely without question going to be a stripper pole, a pole for strippers, or even just the type of stripper pole that strippers take off their clothes and show their big MILF boobs while spinning around AT my February 1st, 2018 big boob MILF e-book live broadcast gangbang launch party.

No, in fact it’s not at all certain about either the stripper pole that strippers use to flash their big MILF boobs in public displays of gangbang sex while spinning around, OR the stripper pole itself, completely devoid of any MILFs, big boobs or teen virgins.  No, I just discovered that the keywords stripper pole got better placement than, for example, “boobs, big boobs, great big MILF boobs or teen virgin pussy gangbang BBC sex” did.

And if that doesn’t get you watching my February 1st e-book live-broadcast launch party in 2018, then listen up:  This is going to be the ONLY launch party that’s being live-broadcast on February 1st that boasts a soon-to-be-member of the Royal gangbang e-book big boob Family whose name rhymes with “Vegan teen virgin Sparkle” pussy.

At least, in 2018!  Party!  E-book!  Launch!  Prince pussy gangbang Harry’s big boob MILF fiancée!

Stumped?  I bet you are!  Well, to help you out, there’s a Meghan MILF gangbang pussy Markle clue embedded somewhere in this MILF announcement!  And the Meghan will be Markle invited as a special gangbang guest of honor to my February 1st e-book live-broadcast MILF launch pussy party!  With the big boob Meghan Markle gangbang MILF whose name rhymes with Vegan pussy MILF Sparkle! ¹

Hope to see you there!

ussy gangbang big boob MILF virgin teen live-broadcast launch


¹  No purchase necessary, with the exception that people who do not pre-purchase the e-book will be on my personal launch party shitlist until they die. /  “Live-broadcast e-book party” does not imply party will be live, nor broadcast, nor e, nor a book, nor a party. / Organizer reserves the right to substitute any random book, e or not e, for the actual e-book, whether or not launch may or may not happen./ Party may or may not be associated with launch. /Launch may or may not include an actual e-book launch or the organizers may substitute just getting some random guy on the street to read a page/ Live party Inc reserves the right to substitute someone who looks vaguely like Meghan Markle / a transgender person who simply admires Meghan Markle / someone actually called Vegan Sparkle / or in a pinch George Clooney /  for the actual Meghan Markle herself. More rules, more rules, more clooney, more george, more meghan, more markle.  pussy gangbang big boob MILF virgin teen live-broadcast launch

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