… Long Live the Donald?

The Founders rejected absolute monarchy in 1776. But in 2024, with republican ideals under siege and an autocrat telegraphing his readiness, a demoralized America appears ready to crown a new king. Donald Trump believes he has absolute immunity from prosecution for anything he did during his presidency; that the President, is, after all, above the … Continue reading … Long Live the Donald?

The King is Dead…

Rex Murphy took the dull, simple aria of white male grievance and turned it into operatic psychodrama. It’s been SO LONG since I posted here—I thought I would take a mental health break, but ultimately decided to run with the crazy—I’m anxious, completely disoriented, and basically behaving like my IQ is in single digits. I’m … Continue reading The King is Dead…

Equivalent Amounts of Effort

Why are we doing this when we could be doing—that? BEHOLD THE ADEPT! HE WHO HAS mastered the ancient art of milk pouring while spinning on a stool. And I know what you're thinking: Must. Have. Exquisite. Milk-Spinning Stool. NOW! Never mind the lockdown, there's no need to leave home! You can be an armchair … Continue reading Equivalent Amounts of Effort

No Health in Us

What white people talk about when they talk about racism... ... We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; And we have done those things which we ought not to have done; And there is no health in us ... —from the order for Morning Prayer, Book of Common Prayer, 1662 … Continue reading No Health in Us

Conservatives finally broke the world…

... with help from my mom's new sofa SO I'M SITTING ON MY BALCONY WITH A friend of my friend. The friend of my friend is black, and as we small-talk each other he tells me that he's Canadian, having been born here of parents who emigrated here from Jamaica. This seems totally right and … Continue reading Conservatives finally broke the world…

Tax Delinquent!

A masterclass in procrastination Cinnamon Rolls WAKING UP ON MY SOFA THIS MORNING, fully-clothed and irradiated by apocalyptic levels of over-enthusiastic sunlight, is the somewhat unpleasant start to my day. You may think that's because I would naturally want to wake up in bed, which is correct. But the sofa is my bed; the unpleasant … Continue reading Tax Delinquent!

A Case of Dementia in Squirrels

lost: a few nuts randomly buried under the Statue of Fuckery WHATEVER YOU POST IN AN INTERNET FORUM, no matter how bat-shit insane or obviously fueled by malice, becomes instantly and indisputably true, provided you make your case with the absolute conviction of a Supreme Court justice and the fire and brimstone of a born-again … Continue reading A Case of Dementia in Squirrels

Don’t Drop the Democracy

the morning after the U.S. mid-terms is one big macaroni picture Well, well, well, America. Aren’t we full of surprises. You little freckle-faced rascals! You’ve done something good. You’ve made a start on redeeming yourself; made a little wobbly-oopsy baby-step towards taking America from a state of total insanity back to the regular, day-to-day state … Continue reading Don’t Drop the Democracy

Can You Spot All Eight Trump Ticks On This Muffin?

CDC Creeps Out Internet With Horrific Viral Post The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have tweeted a photo of a muffin that has ruined muffins for everybody. Trumpticks, with their tiny minds and even twinier hwands, can totally spoil your day should you accidentally ingest some of their toxic ideas, which have been … Continue reading Can You Spot All Eight Trump Ticks On This Muffin?

Planting little kisses all over my face in the mirror…

I mean, normally that's YOUR job, gentle and misguided reader.  But I'll give you the day off from following my EULA to the very letter.   You deserve this not for any action on your part - puhLEEEASE! - but  because I have triumphed over the forces of darkness that have been swirling around my ankles … Continue reading Planting little kisses all over my face in the mirror…