Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Doug-Days of Summer

As the endless summer stretches out before me like a million patients etherized upon a million tables — in those private clinics that Doug Ford swears are not the beginning of the end of public health care in Ontario — I realize with horror that I don’t have enough entertainment to keep me going until September. Not … Continue reading Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Doug-Days of Summer

The “Our” of His Death.

Revised May 13, 2016. Rob Ford. Rob Ford is on my mind. God and all the friggin' archangels help me.  That's at least two brain cells gone forever. As erstwhile Mayor of Toronto, Ford exhibited the frustration, temper and childish resentment of someone who had been placed in a position whose responsibilities he knew he wasn't … Continue reading The “Our” of His Death.

The Night-Mayor Before Xmas

Zombie Rob returns from the dead, and this time he means business PLUS: Random Reco's Aw Jeez, Louise, not another one! Sometimes... trying to choose my words, here ... sometimes... ... how to put this - sometimes it's like, you've just this minute finished whacking your living-dead disgrace of an ex-mayor in the noggin with … Continue reading The Night-Mayor Before Xmas