Facebook Life Event # 302: Scary Weird Coincidence

So I managed to fool someone, via photographs from 1982, into thinking I'm handsome and desirable and that they should spend the better part of a sultry night caressing my eyebrows, following my treasure trail—currently overgrown and littered with cigarette butts and empty Coke cans—and exclaiming with delight, either real or feigned, I'm not fussy, … Continue reading Facebook Life Event # 302: Scary Weird Coincidence


a trip to the mall yields a gift from the gods of chance "North York," Illustration by David Roddis. Photo credits: ethan johnson/roman mager/victor xok/antoine dautry via unsplash SATURDAY: AN EX-ROOMMATE DROPS BY with a friend who’s in town to see the Raptors play. (I’m not sure, but I think the Raptors are some kind of … Continue reading Synchroni-City