Lament of the Increasingly Irrelevant White Guy

(to be sung à la Woody Guthrie, in the key of "Mi, mi, mi, mi—MI!") I hate those PC leftiesOur freedom is destroyed By using a respectful wordDisgruntled white guys feel absurd What's wrong with good ol' English namesOur ancestors deployed? CHORUS: My daddy is a "Paki,"My mother is a "kike"My sister, she's a "cripple" … Continue reading Lament of the Increasingly Irrelevant White Guy

Jazz for insomniacs

for James H. IF WE WERE POSSIBLE—Christ, what a thought! — it would have to be in some other continuumstrung out in time between Lost In Spaceand Planet of the Apes— the original, not the remake— where my love like giantNoma bulbs leaks Red Green Bluepure Christmas colors onto snow;it would have to be  suspended in aspic somewhere … Continue reading Jazz for insomniacs

A Satori

  If seedlings are waking up in clay pots on my balcony, if there are tiny, fragile seedlings that despite their tininess and fragilitystill manage to express their true nature,just as distant stars express theirs; If this expression of stars and seedlingsis inevitable, yet innocent; And if a seedling, a wisp of green, a mere tendril, can heave … Continue reading A Satori

Joy will rise

Joy will rise. Trample on it, beat it down, it will live. Joy is sunlight, it's rain, it's life blazing up to the sky in vines and white flowers, it's mud that shields the root, it's wind breathing. Do your worst—joy will rise, not to torment you, but because it must. It doesn't know what … Continue reading Joy will rise

A Beautiful Tangle

My life is a beautiful tangle ofdahlias. Yet how difficult to acceptwhat despair or delightis offered on any given day. I always want what is not offered,yet what is offered could be blessed:only missing my acceptance. What I wanted on this day?to awaken and watch himsleeping, all-gathered, not mine. Instead, these dahlias: Their blood-burst,their unraveling … Continue reading A Beautiful Tangle