What’s long, hard, cold and encased in a protective covering? +PLUS+ Freezie-in-a-drink Cocktail Hack!

Hot weather is Freezie weather.  In celebration, I humbly offer the following, rather astounding:

Freezie Facts:

me, "enjoying" a pineapple Freezie.  Does anyone have a Band-aid?
Me, “enjoying” a pineapple Freezie. Does anyone have a Band-aid?

1. Freezies come in plastic tubes that have been handled by about 3,300 people from time of manufacture to delivery to your local convenience store. What else, I ask you, would you put into your mouth unquestioningly that that many people had handled that much?


2. The elusive Cherry flavour Freezie is much coveted but rarely seen. Some people have tried to convince me that its existence is just an Urban Myth. But my cousin’s best friend, Mandy, knows someone whose uncle is married to a woman who used to know someone who worked in the Freezie factory. This woman’s someone has definitely packed cherry freezies.

Urban myth – You guys!   Tease me or what?!  Lol !!

3. The Freezie tube has no discernible method of being opened except tearing it with your teeth, or what’s left of them after consuming a lifetimes’ worth of glucose- and artificial flavouring-packed water that sells for 10 times the cost of the most expensive Spa-produced bottled water, once you’ve factored in the size of the tube.

What was I saying?

Oh yes, apart from opening the Freezie tube, once you’ve done so, the sharp sides of the tube cut into the corners of your mouth as you suck on it. It’s really painful.

4.  Freezies can cause severe stress due to their not being able to be put down once you’ve opened them. Just try answering your cellphone while driving your car and slurping on a Freezie—you’ll be calling the CAA faster than you can say “decapitated  cyclist”.

Or open a Freezie then wander through the Rare Manuscripts Room at the British Museum, then try texting “Sup dude??” to someone, like, totally random you found in the “MMMFFMM looking for companionship” section of Craigslist.  You’ll soon find out why those glass cases are alarmed!  Not, I may add, for the convenience of regular guys like us Freezie-enjoyers.  Elitist pigs.

5. The least-coveted flavour of Freezie is the dreaded Pineapple flavour. It tastes like ice-cold puke, which is probably why it’s in the “Snacks” section of Canada’s Food Guide under “Recommended for bulimics”.

Notwithstanding all of that, a quick look at my soon-to-be-NY Times Bestseller “Cooking with Dyspepsia:  How I learned to throw together already-prepared junk food and serve the results as revenge for your never inviting me out (and even when you did, we went Dutch!)” yields the following treasure:

freeziedrinkFreezie in a Drink! Cocktail Hack

One freezie (pref. Pineapple Flavour)
Two glasses of Pink-Colored Cream Soda
One bottle of premium vodka with the cap on

One cheap bastard or bitch of an ex-partner


1. Open Freezie, then suck on the exposed end for a bit until you feel bored and listless. Invite the cheap bastard or bitch over for “cocktails”.

2. When the CBorBofanXP has arrived, break the Freezie into two exactly equal lengths and place each in glass of Cream Soda. Make a big deal about pretending to add some expensive vodka but don’t uncap the bottle!


4. SERVE to the CBorBofanXP.
Men: wear your tightest skinnies and/or stuff a handkerchief down the front until enhanced to your satisfaction if the “tight” bit doesn’t really improve the situation.
Women: Wear a low-cut baby-doll type negligée plus high-heeled platform shoes. Bend over as far as possible while serving, or simply fall backwards onto the cushions which you’ve already put in place.

5.  ENJOY the revenge!!

6. Sorry, hon, did I forget to tell you about the cushions? My bad!!

Happy Freezie weather!