Stop Enabling Québec’s Islamophobia

"Laïcité" sounds like a straightforward, even desirable, concept—until you understand its hypocrisy and witness its very intentional consequences. French culture is one of the wonders of the world. I can't think of any other which can claim such mastery in every endeavor, from food and wine, to fashion, to literature, art and music, capped with … Continue reading Stop Enabling Québec’s Islamophobia

Joy to the World, Unless You’re Dead

In which case, congratulations Merry Coronadays, readers! Are you dead yet? No? What’s holding you up, and what can I do to encourage you? Because the latest stats show that you should be, with a standard deviation of ±3 percentage points. Get with the program and do your part, so everyone can be right about … Continue reading Joy to the World, Unless You’re Dead