Ethylene Glum and Me

+PLUS+ MANY OF YOU MAY BE UNAWARE THAT I was the original choice for “Dorothy” in “The Wizard of Oz.” There, it’s finally out, and what a burden it’s been these— sixty? one hundred? I lose count—years. And I hesitated about telling you, knowing you’d never again be able to watch Ethylene Glum singing, “IContinue reading “Ethylene Glum and Me”

The Innocence of Pink

the decadence of aubergine To the women of America… No, wait: to the women everywhere: Banish the black! burn the blue ! and bury the beige! From now on …. Think Pink! Think Pink when you shop for summer clothes! Think Pink! Think Pink when you want that “quelque chose”! The redoubtable Kay Thompson, whoContinue reading “The Innocence of Pink”