Serious Two-Bite Brownie Habit

it helps me forget how awful we've become 1. Awful Sex I'M SUFFERING TODAY FROM Eine-kleine-schokolade-kuchen-schade, the bewildered, shmooshed-together feelings of shame, hopelessness and despair I experience walking home from the corner store, having purchased a pack of "Two-Bite Brownies" for later, mindful delectation. But I am desperately empty now and I eat them en … Continue reading Serious Two-Bite Brownie Habit

Talkin’ Sh*t about Sch*tt’s Creek, White Boy Rappers and Black Homophobia

stop clutching your pearls and own up AS MY FREQUENT VISITORS ARE well aware, I like to solve the world's problems in my inimitable way, or at least point them out if there's no financial incentive and I don't feel like changing out of my bathrobe, by wielding the almost supernatural influence of this blog. … Continue reading Talkin’ Sh*t about Sch*tt’s Creek, White Boy Rappers and Black Homophobia

Whatever Shall We Do About Justin?

You need to know that Trudeauphobia has its roots in the fear and loathing of straight males who are closing in for the kill. A clarification MOST OF US, HAVING SEEN Sophie-Grégoire and Justin Trudeau caught in a candid moment gazing adoringly into each other's eyes, or photogenically romping around with their three children; or … Continue reading Whatever Shall We Do About Justin?

Tanya Granic Allen Wants Gay Men to Know That …

... you make her vomit {Transcript of speech given at "Our Lady of the Sorrowful Burek" Croatian Catholic Church, Mississauga, Ontario, July 12th, 2018} Good morning and a grim, tightly-wound hello to you. My name is Tanya Granic Allen, and it is truly an honour to be here today at this heavenly jewel in the … Continue reading Tanya Granic Allen Wants Gay Men to Know That …

Serious two-bite brownie habit

David discovers homophobia under the right's opposition to the Ontario sex education curriculum; and wonders if the AIDS crisis of the '80's and the death of an older generation of gay male mentors is the real reason for a douchebag generation of the sexually awful.

In Defence of Deviance

Toronto's PRIDE 2017 celebrated diversity and inclusion. Yet some people—even some gay men—still think that's a shame. Men, men, men!  Not a flicker of humor in a back room full of us!  Forever shooting our wads, then rolling away from the damp spot and falling asleep; forever forgetting that ejaculation is for Christmas, but a snuggle … Continue reading In Defence of Deviance