In Defence of Deviance

Toronto's PRIDE 2017 celebrated diversity and inclusion. Yet some people—even some gay men—still think that's a shame. Men, men, men!  Not a flicker of humor in a back room full of us!  Forever shooting our wads, then rolling away from the damp spot and falling asleep; forever forgetting that ejaculation is for Christmas, but a snuggle … Continue reading In Defence of Deviance

Puttin’ the Moves on Pride

Here in Toronto, the City Without A Soul, where the terrible WAR ON CARS rages unabated - at least, according to the Neanderthals from the 905, who drink petroleum for breakfast and, although unable to cope with words greater than one syllable or concepts greater than one person, think nothing of simultaneously texting, reading the National … Continue reading Puttin’ the Moves on Pride