“Sorry Looking For Now LOL”

My new book dares to ask those totally unnecessary but entertaining questions. Venere d'inverno / Winter Venus (after Botticelli) Imagine this heartwarming Christmas scene: Like Keir Dullea in “2001”, but the Dollarama version, I sit in my wicker bath chair, Hudson’s Bay blanket across my knees, my swollen feet and ankles enhanced by those Jesus … Continue reading “Sorry Looking For Now LOL”

Book Launch Reveal # 5

In which I change my name to Nancy-David and introduce Cindy the Attack Orchid. Well, I can't find my hideously expensive under-eye serum but I also can't put this live broadcast thing off any longer, or my coach-in-a-box—who's more like a coach who's a box—will cover me with glossy, stiff peaks of meringue and throw … Continue reading Book Launch Reveal # 5

Book Launch Teaser #4, For the Underemployed

Today's live broadcast is dedicated to my dear friend Roz Lawrence, because today is her birthday and she is the only person I know well who's older than me. Roz, have a wonderful day! In this episode, I fight off an attack orchid, and, assisted by my invisible friend Glen, contemplate names for bath houses … Continue reading Book Launch Teaser #4, For the Underemployed

We have PAPERBACK! + REVIEW offer

Sorry to SHOUT BUT I'M REALLY EXCITED!  Oh, fuck I started SHOUTING AGAIN BUT I CAN'T HELP IT! Really, really sorry about my lack of control.  But it's not every day that you PUBLISH A PAPERBACK !!!.  Oh, god.  This is really embarrassing.  Just try to bear with me as I tell you a little … Continue reading We have PAPERBACK! + REVIEW offer