“Sorry Looking For Now LOL”

My new book dares to ask those totally unnecessary but entertaining questions. Venere d'inverno / Winter Venus (after Botticelli) Imagine this heartwarming Christmas scene: Like Keir Dullea in “2001”, but the Dollarama version, I sit in my wicker bath chair, Hudson’s Bay blanket across my knees, my swollen feet and ankles enhanced by those Jesus … Continue reading “Sorry Looking For Now LOL”

Help me choose the cover for my new book

[Click here to jump straight to the poll] Hey, followers and newbies. Fresh from the triumph that occurred in my head of my hilarious first book, "A Slow, Painful Death..." — (—the title of my book is exactly the same as the name of this blog. But it's so long I can't be bothered to … Continue reading Help me choose the cover for my new book