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praise for David Roddis's book, A Slow, Painful Death Would Be Too Good for You.

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Gather ‘round, peeps,

for some sparkling, startling lessons in old-school fabulousness, including a bitch-slap from Big Gay Pope David; a breathtaking ride on a “Gigolo;” and even a photography master class with that insufferable Canadian superstar and adulte terrible David DeLaRoddis,“The Guy With The Eye.”

In this debut collection of personal essays — a veritable treasure trove of bons mots and quirky alter egos, as well as a tongue-in-cheek memoir and a rallying cry of solidarity — David Roddis aims his wry, devastating wit at Canadian and U.S. politics, pineapple Freezies and just about everything in between, not sparing himself a few self-deprecating jabs in the process.

Blending sixty-plus years of defiant survival into vintage Champagne, and with a voice that runs the gamut from caustic to camp, satirical to (almost) lyrical, Roddis ultimately reminds us that,

however desperate the situation may appear, it’s never  serious.


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A message from the author:

“A Slow, Painful Death Would Be Too Good for You (and Other Observations)

gathers my snarky personal essays and outrageous political satire from the first four years of this blog. It’s the perfect collection for readers who are pining for light-hearted, bittersweet short-form writing that’s

snarky yet lovable,
awkwardly inappropriate yet disarmingly forgivable,
full of typically male opinionated bluster but still craving constant validation,
shocking but still suitable for gifting your mom, if your mom worked as a burlesque dancer, and
openly queer yet able to “pass” when it suits The Gay Agenda.”

—David Roddis

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