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#Thought For The Day

After extensive research, I've ascertained that not one single #dragqueen reading at a library has resulted in a child living in poverty.

‘Tis the Season to be Fobbed Off…

“Best of My Blog” to the rescue. Hello campers, be you happy, disgruntled, miffed or merry. How are you today? Did you make it to the food bank? My local one tells us that visits have increased sixty percent under the regime of The People's Premier, Doug Ford. To clarify, "people" in this case means … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season to be Fobbed Off…

#Thought For The Day

I’m a humanistic agnostic, but I read the Bible extensively in my younger days... And it’s a curious thing, but — Not once does Jesus ever feel the need to cure any gay people.

“Sorry Looking For Now LOL”

My new book dares to ask those totally unnecessary but entertaining questions. Venere d'inverno / Winter Venus (after Botticelli) Imagine this heartwarming Christmas scene: Like Keir Dullea in “2001”, but the Dollarama version, I sit in my wicker bath chair, Hudson’s Bay blanket across my knees, my swollen feet and ankles enhanced by those Jesus … Continue reading “Sorry Looking For Now LOL”

Proverbs of Post-Truth Heaven & Hell

+PLUS+ Angelic Visions ANGELIC VISIONS When William Blake was a young lad, he saw trees filled with angels radiating light. I mean to say, more than once. Regularly. When he was a bit older, his brother, Robert, often dropped in to give him useful advice about his magnificent celestial art and his mysterious visionary poetry, … Continue reading Proverbs of Post-Truth Heaven & Hell

Elon Musk Warns Staff Twitter’s Survival at Stake Due to Elon Musk

Office completely empty of staff in shock as shoe drops In a strongly-worded message to the remaining four people on staff at Twitter, Elon Musk, who agreed to buy the company, tried to wiggle out of buying the company when he saw something shinier, then was forced to buy the company or be sent to … Continue reading Elon Musk Warns Staff Twitter’s Survival at Stake Due to Elon Musk

So You Wanna Have a Gay Orgy

Better disasters through planning You're in the dead zone, that stretch of time somewhere between 2AM and dawn, when normal lovers of every configuration, from par-for-the-course to unimagined, are enjoying the sweaty fulfillment of eagerly-anticipated dates made early the previous evening, or even, in cases of terminal normality, entire days in advance. You, on the … Continue reading So You Wanna Have a Gay Orgy

I’ve launched a new venture…

... and you're invited to join me. PATREON PAGES ARE LIVE Hey, it's David. Remember me? The guy who hangs around here, sweeping up the sawdust and pouring all the bits of beer left in the cans into one glass as I roll a smoke out of your cigarette butts? Man. I call that a … Continue reading I’ve launched a new venture…

Useless Objects…

...are what it means to be human. Evening Dress • ca. 1898-1900 • Silk • House of Worth • French • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (1976.258.1a, b)--------"A superb example of dressmaking from the House of Worth, this dress exhibits the aesthetic of the last years of the nineteenth century. The fashionable reverse S-curve silhouette … Continue reading Useless Objects…

I think we have cover

but I've been wrong b4 The American artist creating a war-time ad for towels and Botticelli's drawings of the seventh—or was it the first? I lose count, too busy blowing demons—circle of hell make strange bedfellows. But then, so do I. All you really have to do is say, "Lovely, David!" in the comments so … Continue reading I think we have cover