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The insider secrets of my fabulous life! #1 in an unending series +PLUS+ Luxury Hack #5,304: Make your Infinity Tub into a FREE Jacuzzi!

Fabulous Life Insider Secret #1:  Foam bath with acolyte.   Quick summary for the ADHD set: Feeling stressed? Have yourself a foam bath attended by one of your acolytes! Yeah, that’s it.  Aren’t you just kicking yourself and/or smacking yourself in the forehead with your open palm as you realize how this obvious

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Social Awareness: The Day, The Ribbon, The Sorrow

You may be wondering. I know you may be wondering because you’ve been texting me  “???’” repeatedly since two this morning when I didn’t respond in under a nanosecond to your message consisting of “Sup?” Well, “sup” is, to my chagrin, National “Walk-In-Front-of-David-Reeeaaal-Slowly-with-a-Cane-While-Being-Elderly” Day.  Which will explain why I didn’t make our afternoon hook-up where

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