Category: LGBT

“Maksim Gorky Pretends to be a Dom at the Bathhouse”

A serious(ly gay) interlude. After a few sleepless nights of quasi-Christian prayer (I cherry pick all the heart-warming bits and the foodie miracles and leave out the whole crucifixion-resurrection boondoggle; anything icky like leprosy; the Book of Revelation; everything by Saint Paul, and Satan, so like, sleepover, ‘Smores for two,

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One-night stand

I had blitzed your sectors completelyBut all this time you’ve surviveddiscretely Interred in my one-terabyte drive: Knight jonesing for escape, five fingersdismissingPassion, fondling my door handle,kissing Goodbye our too-easy improvisation. I conjure desperate devious strategies:Charms, supplications, jammed connections, elegies, Viral replications, heartfelt blackmail. Impatient, lover? Hanging in thedelusionOf my blue-screened

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Jazz for insomniacs

for James H. IF WE WERE POSSIBLE—Christ, what a thought! — it would have to be in some other continuumstrung out in time between Lost In Spaceand Planet of the Apes— the original, not the remake— where my love like giantNoma bulbs leaks Red Green Bluepure Christmas colors onto snow;it would have

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