Talkin’ Sh*t about Sch*tt’s Creek, White Boy Rappers and Black Homophobia

stop clutching your pearls and own up AS MY FREQUENT VISITORS ARE well aware, I like to solve the world’s problems, or at least point them out if there’s no financial incentive and I don’t feel like changing out of my bathrobe, by wielding the almost supernatural influence of this blog. Did I say “theContinue reading “Talkin’ Sh*t about Sch*tt’s Creek, White Boy Rappers and Black Homophobia”

“Maksim Gorky Pretends to be a Dom at the Bathhouse”

A serious(ly gay) interlude. After a few sleepless nights of quasi-Christian prayer (I cherry pick all the heart-warming bits and the foodie miracles and leave out the whole crucifixion-resurrection boondoggle; anything icky like leprosy; the Book of Revelation; everything by Saint Paul, and Satan, so like, sleepover, ‘Smores for two, paint our toenails red andContinue reading ““Maksim Gorky Pretends to be a Dom at the Bathhouse””

It’s Official: I Am a Horrible Person

Hey, it’s you guys who insisted on thinking of me as “nice.” SOMETHING HAPPENS WHEN YOU HIT sixty, or, to make this as painfully specific as possible, the last couple of months of sixty-four-ness. That’s right. On September 21st, 2020, I will officially be sixty-five years old. And what happens is me, unmoored. I’ve cutContinue reading “It’s Official: I Am a Horrible Person”

An event for your calendar…

(if you’re in, or can make it to, Toronto this November 15th.) FECKLESS BOY THAT I AM, I HAVE NEGLECTED all this time to arrange a real, bona fide grown-up publicity campaign for my book. This means that my method of selling my book to date has been to purchase copies and give them toContinue reading “An event for your calendar…”

One-night stand

I had blitzed your sectors completelyBut all this time you’ve surviveddiscretely Interred in my one-terabyte drive: Knight jonesing for escape, five fingersdismissingPassion, fondling my door handle,kissing Goodbye our too-easy improvisation. I conjure desperate devious strategies:Charms, supplications, jammed connections, elegies, Viral replications, heartfelt blackmail. Impatient, lover? Hanging in thedelusionOf my blue-screened doorway, our fungiblecollusion Of dullContinue reading “One-night stand”

Jazz for insomniacs

for James H. IF WE WERE POSSIBLE—Christ, what a thought! — it would have to be in some other continuumstrung out in time between Lost In Spaceand Planet of the Apes— the original, not the remake— where my love like giantNoma bulbs leaks Red Green Bluepure Christmas colors onto snow;it would have to be  suspended in aspic somewhereContinue reading “Jazz for insomniacs”

Serious two-bite brownie habit

David discovers homophobia under the right’s opposition to the Ontario sex education curriculum; and wonders if the AIDS crisis of the ’80’s and the death of an older generation of gay male mentors is the real reason for a douchebag generation of the sexually awful.

How Much is a [Gay] Life Worth?

twenty-five years with the possibility of parole Bruce McArthur, the serial killer who targeted gay men in Toronto from 2010 to 2017 — yes, for eight years — and who evaded capture even after being brought in for questioning as a suspect in 2013, was finally caught, say Toronto Police, “after we got aggressive.” * * all italic text inContinue reading “How Much is a [Gay] Life Worth?”

In which I make nice to evangelical Christians…

…to Louis C.K., not so much. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Welcome to the dank, stinking, deep-webbed birth of two thousand nineteen C.E., the year born with a widow’s peak and with swastika-black cat-eyes wide open; the year that explodes from the belly already signed-up for Uber and deploying its influential personal brand. Two thousand nineteen isContinue reading “In which I make nice to evangelical Christians…”