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We have e-book!

My e-book is here!  Start 2018 dyspeptically right! Download a free sample ! Over 200 hilarious, quirky, satirical, silly, shocking and chortle-out-loud pages, suitable for laugh marathons or for dipping into at your leisure. (Think “Quality Street”, but without your dog staring at you as you unwrap the cellophane.) With all-new content, delightfully dyspeptic memes, bold and “artistic” (= weird)

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I frickin’ Hate Bernie Sanders, I don’t need logical reasons and I don’t give you any. {NSFW warning}

But first, a word from one of my cartoon personae, Her Royal Insufferability, The Princess of Happy. “ Things I’m Princess-Happy About! I ride the vanilla ice-cream sky in a cotton-candy fuelled rocket ship shaped like a cartoon turret window. Yeah bite me, commoner! If I try hard enough I

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