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A Maven Who Meets the Zeitgeist Head-On : Malegrievance “Mike” Atheistbitch-Godisdead

So send in your questions! The collision starts now. WITH INAUGURATION DAY SETTING EVERYONE’S NERVES a-janglin’ down south, and its embarrassing, bargain-basement Canadian complement, the show-trial and ousting of tendentious, racist Derek Sloan from the Conservative Party of Canada drifting by unnoticed up here, birthplace of ice cubes and frozen

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A Forced March Into an Already-Old New Year

Lockdown lunacy, a challenge for Nicole—and Trump’s “come-as-dumb-as-you-are” farewell party, with sparklers. I’M PANDEMICKED, WHO ARE YOU? ARE you Pandemicked, too? Did you awaken this morning, as I did, with a stone for a heart, and emitting a groan that echoed through the inner city like twelve ambulances en route

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