Ethylene Glum and Me

+PLUS+ MANY OF YOU MAY BE UNAWARE THAT I was the original choice for “Dorothy” in “The Wizard of Oz.” There, it’s finally out, and what a burden it’s been these— sixty? one hundred? I lose count—years. And I hesitated about telling you, knowing you’d never again be able to watch Ethylene Glum singing, “IContinue reading “Ethylene Glum and Me”

The “Gay Agenda” finally Revealed

click on the image to reveal the horror Yes, it’s true. The social conservatives were right: there’s a culture war. We gays have been planning it since, oh, since we were comparing make-up on the school playground. We just want to make sure that there’s a new, fresh crop of gay kids so there’ll alwaysContinue reading “The “Gay Agenda” finally Revealed”

New Year’s Resolutions +plus+ : Step aside and don your catcher’s masks…

… while I haul back, preparatory to bitch-slapping the year formerly known as Little Miss 2015 from here to Des Moines and back. Hasta la vista, withered old putana of a year, and go dance your hobnail-booted habañera on someone else’s empañada! Be it ever so faint, the next sound you hear will be my chapped, whitish lips – and believe me whenContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions +plus+ : Step aside and don your catcher’s masks…”