A brief chocolatey interlude

while I try not to fret about everything falling apart like a wet cardboard box. Facebook Life Event: Inventor of the Two-Bite Brownie Multiple Oh, Yeah It came to me in a gush of warm, velvety creaminess that enveloped my face. It was //NOT ENOUGH// to enjoy an entire pack of Two-Bite Brownies //OR// an … Continue reading A brief chocolatey interlude

Everything Depends on This

the madness, mayhem and magic of Peter Bogdanovich's 1972 tour-de-farce "What's Up, Doc?" "What's Up, Doc?" Release date: Mar. 9, 1972 (New York City)Director: Peter BogdanovichCinematography: László KovácsStarring: Barbra Streisand, Ryan O'Neal, Madeleine KahnScreenwriters: Buck Henry and · David Newman & Robert BentonAwards: Writers' Guild of America: Best Comedy Written Directly for the Screen (All … Continue reading Everything Depends on This

Equivalent Amounts of Effort

Why are we doing this when we could be doing—that? BEHOLD THE ADEPT! HE WHO HAS mastered the ancient art of milk pouring while spinning on a stool. And I know what you're thinking: Must. Have. Exquisite. Milk-Spinning Stool. NOW! Never mind the lockdown, there's no need to leave home! You can be an armchair … Continue reading Equivalent Amounts of Effort

Book Launch Teaser #4, For the Underemployed

Today's live broadcast is dedicated to my dear friend Roz Lawrence, because today is her birthday and she is the only person I know well who's older than me. Roz, have a wonderful day! In this episode, I fight off an attack orchid, and, assisted by my invisible friend Glen, contemplate names for bath houses … Continue reading Book Launch Teaser #4, For the Underemployed

The Innocence of Pink

the decadence of aubergine Redoubtable? "To the women of America... No, wait: to the women everywhere: Banish the black! burn the blue ! and bury the beige! From now on …. Think Pink! Think Pink when you shop for summer clothes! Think Pink! Think Pink when you want that "quelque chose"! " The redoubtable Kay … Continue reading The Innocence of Pink

From My Squalid Kitchen: Episode 6—Mature Mayonnaise Marathon

https://vimeo.com/davidroddis/mayo UPDATE: I received this heartfelt email from a "fan": “ Dear Wannabe Film Maker Who Can't Even Operate His Smartphone: Me and a couple of other male colleagues booked maternity leave so we could watch your "Mayonnaise" epic, which clocked in at 20 minutes of nothing but you stirring an egg in a bowl. … Continue reading From My Squalid Kitchen: Episode 6—Mature Mayonnaise Marathon

From My Squalid Kitchen: Episode 2

“Let them eat cake.  In bed.  While gossiping.” [vimeo 236272323 w=640 h=360]   You didn't ask for it, and here it is! Episode 2 of the series that's making a big splash! If you spend, like, a lot of time in a wading pool with your inflatable shark and a Collector's Edition “Aqua Diver Barbie”. … Continue reading From My Squalid Kitchen: Episode 2