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“Sorry Looking For Now LOL”

My new book dares to ask those totally unnecessary but entertaining questions. Venere d'inverno / Winter Venus (after Botticelli) Imagine this heartwarming Christmas scene: Like Keir Dullea in “2001”, but the Dollarama version, I sit in my wicker bath chair, Hudson’s Bay blanket across my knees, my swollen feet and ankles enhanced by those Jesus … Continue reading “Sorry Looking For Now LOL”

I think we have cover

but I've been wrong b4 The American artist creating a war-time ad for towels and Botticelli's drawings of the seventh—or was it the first? I lose count, too busy blowing demons—circle of hell make strange bedfellows. But then, so do I. All you really have to do is say, "Lovely, David!" in the comments so … Continue reading I think we have cover

Help me choose the cover for my new book

[Click here to jump straight to the poll] Hey, followers and newbies. Fresh from the triumph that occurred in my head of my hilarious first book, "A Slow, Painful Death..." — (—the title of my book is exactly the same as the name of this blog. But it's so long I can't be bothered to … Continue reading Help me choose the cover for my new book

An event for your calendar…

(if you're in, or can make it to, Toronto this November 15th.) FECKLESS BOY THAT I AM, I HAVE NEGLECTED all this time to arrange a real, bona fide grown-up publicity campaign for my book. This means that my method of selling my book to date has been to purchase copies and give them to … Continue reading An event for your calendar…