The Fake Celebrity Endorsements are IN!

Feedback is always good, especially when obviously contrived and attributed to dead celebrities and live politicians.  And just try figuring out which is which!

From the moment I picked up David’s book until I put it down again I was convulsed with laughter. Next time I intend reading it. No, that is not David’s original joke, it’s mine, and yes, I gave him persimmons. OK? Or maybe he meant “permission,” I get them mixed up. Thanks, now this is no longer funny. NICE WORK.
— Groucho Marx

This book—feels witty! Let’s see, what else? It weighs slightly over a pound and is that like, jam or something on the back cover? Gross!
— Helen Keller

First page to last, a laugh riot. Yeah. And I’m just a dumb blonde.
—Marilyn Monroe

Almost as gorgeously rib-tickling as me! Also, I did not touch David’s butt. At least, I don’t think I did. It’s hard to remember that far back but I probably didn’t, or maybe I did, and anyway, like Hellooooo! TRUDEAU, OK?
—Justin Trudeau

All too obviously written by teeny tiny Liberals posing as heartfelt, edgy, bittersweet-comic diarists.
—Ann Coulter

 Brave. Brave and credible. But in the end just a hoax perpetrated by Democrats, and—oh man! I only wish you could see my goofy facial expression right now as I say ‘Democrats’! Now THAT’S funny!!
—Donald Trump

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Trade Hardcover dust jacket

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