A Teaser

I’ve updated my David: A Boy And His Blog page with the Preface to my book — so a little free preview for you.  Enjoy!

July 1st (so tomorrow, Sunday) is Canada Day. Eighteen sixty-seven minus 2018 equals we are 151 years old this year.

Proclamation_Canadian_ConfederationOn July 1st, 1867, The British North America Act was given Royal Assent, creating the Dominion of Canada.  July 1st is when we celebrate, and the creation of Canada is called Confederation.

From Wikipedia, “The Encyclopedia You Write Yourself”:

“Initially, on 1 July 1867, there were four provinces in confederation as “One dominion under the name of Canada”: Canada West (former Upper Canada, now Ontario), Canada East (former Lower Canada, now Quebec), Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.[9]

“Title to the Northwest Territories was transferred by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1870 and the province of Manitoba (the first to be established by the Parliament of Canada) was in the same year the first created out of it. British Columbia joined confederation in 1871, followed by Prince Edward Island in 1873. The Yukon Territory was created by Parliament in 1898, followed by Alberta and Saskatchewan in 1905.

“The Dominion of Newfoundland, Britain’s oldest colony in the Americas, joined Canada as a province in 1949. Nunavut was created in 1999.”

We didn’t have our own flag until 1965— you can read about the history of the National Flag of Canada here.  We didn’t even have our own Constitution until 1982. But now we’re all grown up, wear fly-front pants, and eat with a Beatrix Potter training spoon with only the occasional dribble that needs wiping off our chins.  Can a black eye from Donald, the Presidential Apprentice, The Great Mouth Breather, be far behind?

Oh, consider that black eye RECEIVED, baby.  In exchange, here’s a sharp kick in the testicular region.  You’re welcome. Go ahead, come at us again. We like surprising people.

I love my American friends, and New York and San Francisco are two of my absolute fave cities.  But right now, I couldn’t be more grateful to be Canadian.  Donald vs. Justin?  I know who has the chest I’d rather lick the post-jogging sweat off.

Yes, I am shallow.  Hellooooooo!