Vote on a new cover!

Just to keep things interesting, I am completely reworking the cover design.  I have three versions which all have exactly the same elements but each of these draws attention in different ways and tells a slightly different “story”.

Here they are.  Tell me in the comments which one you prefer, and why.  I’d love to hear your views and reasoning. Click on the images to view full size and navigate through.

By the way, I am using a bigger type face for the title, and will use three lines instead of two.  I realize it’s not optimum for readability as presented here.




  1. Hey David,

    Version 2 would be my pick. The Black and white background allows the books title to stand out (of course it will be larger and three lines as you mentioned – graphically, I’d like to see how that looks) as well as the authors name and smiley face. I’d rethink using the same bright yellow for all though. Using the same intensity, gives all three elements “equal billing” which, eliminates the prime focus of the title. Try doing the head and your name in a more mustard yellow or the colour of Caramel Jello Pudding


    1. Hi Glen

      There I was thinking no one cared! And now I have to tell you that, after all your thoughtfull feedback I decided that it was still not the right message. You can see the final design in the latest post.


  2. I voted on which cover I prefer but I just want to comment that you need a bigger more clear font for the title, I can’t read it even with my glasses on!

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    1. You know, Roz, and can I just say, seriously. I hope this doesn’t interrupt your morning routine of pushing over old ladies with canes and spilling hot coffee on babies in strollers, but — thanks for softening the blow!

      Instead of: “I think I have a suggestion, though it’s probably not as good as something YOU would have come up with, but — and I’m sure this is just ME, but I couldn’t find my reading glasses, and without them I’m blind as a bat, so I become paranoid-delusional-upsy-downsy and nothing I say can be trusted. Like, NOTHING. Hope this helps”, which is obviously what a normal, caring, empathetic HUMAN BEING would have written, you just barge right in and blindside me with a completely discounting remark about my font family. Nice!

      Now you’ve completely ruined the month of June for me and, after a complete narcissistic breakdown, which normally lasts about a day, I’ll probably take those three children’s aspirin I’ve been stockpiling in the event that someone like you destroyed my life on a whim. But since you clearly don’t mind having that on your conscience, go ahead! Comment away!

      And thanks for your vote on the image. The original stock photo is colour, of course, but the happy face is my addition. The original shows the guy wearing a broad-brimmed hat, but with his head bowed, so you just see the top of the hat, not his face.


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