Summer smack-down

I just want this summer to be over. Didn’t want it. Didn’t like it. Do you have summer in a 32? Maybe in linen, with a cloth belt, slim fit? Without the ketchup stains and the rabid guard dogs and the mendacity?

Last summer, on the other hand… was a joyful playful discovery time alive with light/dark fire/water love/hate rich/poor… dichotomy without the lobotomy. Last summer was an infinity pool to dive into forever, a wrestling ring filled with lime jello, a big creamy pile of mashed potatoes to sculpt with. Please, sir, may I have s’more..?

David Roddis, "Icarus" (2015).  ©2015, David Roddis.
David Roddis, “Icarus” (2015). ©2015, David Roddis.

This sunflower image is named after “Icarus”, who flew too close to the sun. Another “who do you think you are” smack-down by the invented gods-that-be. But never you mind, he had a WHALE of a time

– as his wings melted the floor of the sky gave way and his stomach knotted up into a fist that held for safekeeping all the terror and joy and regret of his tender life which as he plunged into the boiling salt-froth of the sea was revealed as nothing more or less than one single infinite moment encompassing the birth of the galaxies the planets god motherfatherhimself a moment that had always been and always was happening NOW

And we’ll all have a whale of a time, too.

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