Low-paw Entertainment: Never forget how good I am to you

An interim post while I think of something, anything, more interesting to throw your way.   My life is largely absorbed with how to entertain, impress, and otherwise get you to validate me.  So how about a little appreciation.  Well, then, here we go, and it’s probably more impressive than you expected.  Which is a lesson for you.

A short history of the Internet:

As you are probably well aware, the Internet was invented by the Vatican around the time of the Council of Trent.  This is the same bun-fight where they decided Mary was a Virgin, the Pope was infallible, and that celibacy would be mandatory for priests, though as compensation, every priest would have a personal-assistant-type orphaned choirboy allocated to him. Which is the way they carried on back then.

Nowadays, by contrast, celibacy is looked on as quite shocking.

Oh, and another decision at the Council of Trent was that the Pope would always wear Balenciaga, which is why you have those coats of arms and “By appointment to” on everything by Balenciaga that you own.

Anyway, don’t try and tell me you came here for history.  Please.

So the Internet.  Yes.  Well, the purpose of the Internet, (or Internetium, in the vulgate) as outlined by the Vatican et al. after the Council of Trent, was   “… propagatio ubiquaque felix felix imago bellus”; or, in plain, non-made-up English, the propagation everywhere of cute cat pictures. Throughout the world. Any cute animal, but especially cats.

All of this is just leading up to my cute animal picture.  It’s an animated GIF (remember GIFs?  They’re like the cave paintings of online images), and it’s a puppy and a cat two-hander.  Or I guess eight-paw-er.  All very compelling.

This is probably the only cute animal image I will ever post, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Sorry, that should be: “the only cute animal image I will ever post TODAY.”
My bad!!

As it involves a puppy sitting on a cat’s face, it is NSFW. You might want to have one of those screens ready, you know, that pop up and look like you’re working on an Excel spreadsheet just in case your abusive boss walks by, you loser.

Sorry, I didn’t mean that.   I’m going to cry and throw a small cushion across the room to show you how distraught I am.

Look, enjoy the friggin’ GIF, OK?  I just call ’em the way I see ’em.


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