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No, it’s not Janet Leigh! Fooled ya!

I am justifiably famous for my impersonations of great or semi-great film actresses in their iconic scenes.

Here, in my womb-like but still scarily inviting bathroom, I channel Janet Leigh in possibly the only scene anyone ever remembers she did: the famous shower sequence from Psycho.  (I know – hard to tell the difference, isn’t it?  Which is why I made a point of revealing my identity.)

Ever inventive, and because I am getting on, I rework this for the sitz-bath. Enjoy!

What does the future hold, I hear you ask.

For my next outing, it’s a toss-up between Julie “I have confidence” Andrews running up that hill;  and Vivien “Screw confidence, I have pink gin” Leigh in the “Burning of Atlanta” scene from Gone With the Wind.   Suggestions welcome.

Also donations.  Always donations.

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